a journey of images

Luciano Marino
via Pordenone, 1 - 20132 Milano - Italy
phone: +39 02 2157412

My name is Luciano Marino, 54. I work as an electronic engineer. The images within this site are the result of more than twenty years of my love for photography. Even if my pictures found a rewarded position in the publishing and advertising environment and are also available to be purchased, the original reason which always drove me from my first start is only one: the joy in realizing them. My hope is that they may give rise to a similar pleasure in all those which will see them.

I like both b&w and colour photography. I think that each of these two techniques can be quite effective in producing images able to generate intense emotions. I managed to practise different sorts of photographic kinds, even if, as time went by, I realized to be mostly tuned with landscape photography and picture stories related to travels, as well as those pictures realized by extracting single relevant details from the whole scene. These last are mostly closed to abstract compositions, which I feel I like more and more.

I use of a photograpic set made by Pentax traditional film cameras (both medium format and 35mm), as well as digital cameras. I also enjoy a tiny Minox 35mm camera as a very practical “picture notebook”. The films I most like are Kodak VS100 (colour slides) and TMax 400 (b&w negative), which I then scan by my own through Minolta and Epson scanners. Eventually, the digital optimization and adaptation to Internet publishing is done using Adobe Photoshop © running on Apple Macintosh © computer.

Although in the past I attended to b&w printings by my own, I currently exploit the precious collaboration of Marco Tondù. However, most of the b&w printings which are here reproduced have been printed by Erminio Milani and some by Andrea Valsasnini.