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Thanks to

I'd like to thank all the people who helped me making this website. First of all, my wife Nicoletta and my sons Margherita and Alessandro (eight and ten years old) because they have lost part of the time I normally dedicate to them. Thanks to my brother Stefano who helped me about Web technologies like php, JavaScript, Apache configuration and many others topics. Special thanks to my friend Ivan Dalmonte for his precious advices about website style and for most of english text within the site. He also made a "leave a message" photograph in the site home page. My thanks to Renato Gabrieli who designed the beautiful site logo; he's a very skilled designer in advertise and publishing. Thanks to Eva Gold who helped me to find the right slogan for the site. Thanks to Mariangela Fiorino (Web designer in n&ts, the company where I work) for her tips about HTML and CSS usage.

About the images, my special thanks to Erminio Milani, Andrea Valsasnini and Marco Tondý (portrait of me author in "about me" page ) who printed my b&w negative films. The b&w prints' beauty is due in great part to their work.

Again about the images, thanks to all my friends of "Le Betulle" Photograpy Society. I have learnt to love photograpy seeing society fellows' images and listening debates about them.

Also thanks to photographic agency where my images are for sale:

and tools used in designing, developing and publishing this site: