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If you like the pictures within this site, please take into consideration the opportunity to purchase one or more of them. There are three different alternatives: the first is to acquire the rights of use for publishing/advertising purposes, the second allows you to download a copy of the original digital files (at full resolution) and their reuse in “royalty free” mode (i.e. with no limitations in their use). The third way is the possibility to buy a “fine art” printing on high-quality photographic paper, framed by an elegant passepartout in heavy cardboard.

Currently only the first oppurtunity is available, but I hope the other two will be ready soon. If you like some picture which results as unavailable for sale, please contact me, or leave a message (with your email address) in the guestbook page, specifying the picture code you’re intersted in (it is at the right of each picture caption); I’ll answer you and inform you as soon as the image is available for online purchase. Please also take a look to the “what’s new” page to know all the news related to the site itself.

Those images contained in the section of this site dedicated to galleries, which you can purchase the rights, are marked in their figure caption, besides to the Luciano Marino copyright, also with the one of the Granataimages photographic agency, that cares the exclusive rights of their marketing on behalf of me. For any information on this issue and to finalize any possible purchase, please follow the link under the “buy” item of the caption. You’ll be redirected to the page of the research image template of the Granataimages site; to retrieve the image of your interest, please specify in the “cerca” field the picture code on the caption’s right, by selecting the “codice foto” item on the combo menu as well. Please, avoid using Safari for your search. It does'nt work well with search forms of Granataimages site .

The sale of printings is reserved to b&w pictures only. Image’s beauty, care spent in manual printings, quality of the photographic paper and the mounting material used, they all rank the result as typical “fine art” printing. For each image, the number of printings to be sold is foreseen in no more than 20. Each printing will be marked in the back, with its progressive number, together with the author’s signature. In this section of the site the types of available printings will be shown in detail in a close future and their purchasing procedures described. Come back and visit us in the future!

Please note, unless clearly stated, images model release is'nt available.

All the pictures within this site are protected by copyright, anyway you can download and use them, free of charge (in the 600x400 format), for non-commercial purposes only, provided that the author’s name is shown as well. For a commercial use, instead, it is required to purchase the related rights for use. In case this opporunity is not directly available online, please contact me.

Also, feel free to contact me for any request of information or clarification. I’ll be pleased to provide you with an answer.